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September 2015



Cranberry Wilderness Backpacking

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Spent three days backpacking in West Virginia’s Cranberry Wilderness. It rained a couple inches over the course of the trip but we brought a little extra whiskey, managed to stay dry, trek about 20 miles, catch trout by our campsites, and get fires going both nights to warm up and dry out. post hike routine of sheetz + 800mg of ibuprofen felt extra good. New Platypus Gravityworks filter was awesome, as was the last minute decision to bring a second tarp.

Cranberry Wilderness-12

A nice welcome note… (Full story on missing hiker)

Cranberry Wilderness-50

Lauren leading the way out after three days of rain…

Cranberry Wilderness-33

Dog loved the view from our second campsite.

Cranberry Wilderness-27

She also got wet and looked like an albanian refuge after hiking through the rain…

Cranberry Wilderness-71

Big Beechy Run

Cranberry Wilderness-18

“Hall of Kings” on Big Beechy Trail.

Cranberry Wilderness-51

Back to the road…

Cranberry Wilderness-35

Our campsite the first night…

Cranberry Wilderness-67